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Mitoku Organic Wild Kuzu
Wild Japanese Arrowroot

Mitoku Organic Kuzu is 100% pure and absolutely no potato or other starch is added, as is common with other brands on the market. Roots are the focal points of a plant's energy. This is why roots have always occupied a special place in man's diet, as well as in his medicine chest. Kuzu is revered in Japan, and uniquely honored in both high cuisine and folk medicine. kosher

Mitoku Akizuki Handcrafted Wild Kuzu

Wild Japanese Arrowroot

Mitoku Wild Akizuki Kuzu is completely hand-made by a centuries-old process. The wild kuzu is harvested in mid-winter, when the energy is concentrated in the roots. The roots are crushed, repeatedly washed to remove impurities, then the white starch is naturally dried for over 90 days. The result is kuzu unmatched in purity, with  superior jelling ability and an incredibly smooth texture and delicate flavor.  kosher

Mitoku Kagoshima 100% Wild Kuzu Noodles
Japanese Wild Vine Noodles

Kagoshima Authentic Kuzu Noodles are the only kuzu noodles made with 100% real kuzu. They are delicious and great fun, adding a unique touch to one-pot favorites like nabe and sukiyaki. They're delightful deep-fried and go well with most traditional meals. (No longer certified Kosher. kosher)

Name Product Id Price Quantity
Mitoku OG Wild Kuzu - 3.5 oz./100g 89411 =Out-of-Stock, Until 12/9   $6.79  
Mitoku Wild Kuzu - 8.8 oz./250g 89413   $13.99  
Mitoku OG Wild Kuzu - 11 lb./5kg 88409   $271.19  
Mitoku Akizuki Wild Kuzu - 3 oz./85g 89408   $9.44  
Mitoku Akizuki Wild Kuzu - 12 oz./340g 89407   $33.10  
Mitoku Akizuki Wild Kuzu - 11 lb./5kg 88406 =Out-of-Stock, Until 12/9   $480.89  
Mitoku Wild Kuzu Noodles - 3.5 oz. 88185   $9.93  

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