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Mitoku "Sweet Rice" Candy & Taffy

Rice Malt Candy

Mitoku "Sweet Rice" Candies are the original all-natural sweets from Japan. Their taste and mellow sweetness come from the concentrated goodness of traditional rice malt and pure natural flavorings. These candies are made by the last traditional candy and malt maker left in Japan who still employs the time-honored process of using authentic rice malt known as "Mizu-Ame." His candies are naturally crafted by introducing kayu (Japanese sweet porridge) to sprouted barley. These candies are the highest quality sweets available.

Our traditional Japanese Mitoku "Sweet Rice" Vanilla Taffy is still made by slowly cooking down Mizu Ame (traditional rice malt) and using only air to naturally pull the syrup into taffy.

      Name Product Id Price Quantity
      Mitoku Ginger Candy - 1.76 oz. 88437   $2.29  
      Mitoku Peppermint Candy - 1.76 oz. 88448   $2.29  
      Mitoku Butterscotch Candy - 1.76 oz. 88447   $2.29  
      Mitoku Orange Candy - 1.76 oz. 88454   $2.29  
      Mitoku Lemon Candy - 1.76 oz. 88449   $2.29  
      Mitoku Sour Plum Candy - 1.76 oz. 88439   $2.29  
      Mitoku Vanilla Taffy Candy - 1.76 oz. 88443   $2.29  

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