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Other Noodle Recipes 
 Recipes for Udon 
Japanese Linguine Style Noodles

A thick, cream-colored wheat noodle, udon, resembles linguine. Udon noodles are made from 100 percent whole wheat flour or a combination of whole wheat and unbleached white flour. One hundred percent whole wheat udon is a sturdy noodle with a full whole wheat flavor. There are other lighter, smoother udons that readily absorb the flavors of broths, sauces, and seasonings. Brown rice udon (genmai udon), a combination of brown rice flour and wheat flour, is not a traditional Japanese food, but rather was developed by Mitoku especially for the natural foods market.

Sakurai noodles are an extraordinary line of traditionally made, whole grain Japanese pasta that have been made for the last 80 years by the Sakurai family in their small shop located in the foothills of the Japanese alps. The family freshly mills select grains for each batch, and prepares their pastas by the centuries-old-roll-and-cut method. The long strands are slowly air-dried, using no artificial heat, then cut and packaged. Their skill and commitment to quality is evidenced by the fresh, homemade flavor and uncommonly good texture of Sakurai pastas. Exceptional!

Uses: Though usually served in broth or with a strong-flavored dipping sauce, udon is also good when pan-fried. It can be used in noodle salads as well. Easy to prepare, udon is ideal when on the road or camping.

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Ingredients: Japanese pure yuuki-grown yuzu (citron) juice, and sea salt.

Packaging: Glass Bottle

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Ingredients: organic brown rice flour, organic whole wheat flour, water, and sea salt.

Packaging: Bag
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