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Other Noodles Recipes 
 Recipes for Soba 
Japanese Buckwheat Noodles

Soba, Japanese buckwheat noodles are the traditional Japanese fast food, developed centuries ago as the perfect instant meal. They're light and digestible in summer, heartily warming in winter, and deliciously satisfying at any time of day. Like many of Japan's traditional foods, behind its image of utter simplicity, soba has been a tradition for centuries steeped in the lore of regional areas. Sakurai Noodle Company is located in Nagano, the heart of the land once known as Shinano, and recognized widely as the "home of soba."

Uses: Soba is traditionally served both hot and cold. Best when served with a dipping broth on the side with kizami nori or wasabi, in hot broth topped with tempura or vegetables, or served fried in yakisoba.

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Ingredients: Japanese pure yuuki-grown yuzu (citron) juice, and sea salt.

Packaging: Glass Bottle

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