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 Recipes for Mirin 
Mirin - Japanese Sweet Rice Wine

Mirin is the secret ingredient in authentic Japanese cuisine. An exquisite, versatile seasoning, mirin's mild sweetness complements savory seasonings such as shoyu and miso. The Sumiya family is the last of the traditional Mirin makers. Their organic Mikawa Mirin is the finest in all of Japan. It is naturally aged over 9 months to create an unmatched gentle sweetness, a rare, magical quality that enhances and harmonizes delicate flavors. Recently we requested that a small percentage of sea salt be added to Mitoku's Mikawa Mirin so that we are able to continue to import it without a special license. Enjoy this truly authentic mirin, a treat rarely seen even on store shelves in Japan!

The complex one-year process used to make this extraordinary mirin is only still practiced by Mr. Toshio Sumiya, head brew master of Sumiya Bunjiro Shoten. The traditional methods employed involve a double fermentation and distillation process. The result is a sweet, thick, golden liquid that brings out the natural flavors of both sweet and savory sauces, soups, stir-fries, dips and desserts. Mikawa mirin is so pure and delicious, you can actually drink it and is the only mirin ever to receive the "Diamond Award for Excellence" in Japan.

The Sumiya Brewing Company was a true highlight during my most recent visit to Japan. Not only is Mikawa Mirin one of my all time favorite products, but Mr. Sumiya seemed to wear an almost constant smile while touring us around his shop. I later found out that neighbors of head brew master Toshio Sumiya jokingly attribute his constant smile to the intoxicating vapors that he is constantly inhaling while fermenting sweet rice wine. However, Mr. Sumiya protests that his good spirits are the result of the pride he feels in being one of the last traditional mirin makers left in all of Japan. His perseverance and dedication is evident in his truly sensational products! Recently, a dash of sea salt has been added to mirin for exportation.

USES: Organic Mikawa Mirin will add depth of flavor to stir-fries, noodle broth, fried noodles, dips for tempura and sushi, seafood dishes and teriyaki.

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