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Other Japanese Noodles 
Japanese Noodles 

The Japanese are experts when it comes to noodles. It is quite certain that noodles originated in China and passed to Japan where they have been a favorite food for centuries. More noodles are probably eaten in Japan today than any other food except rice, and although Italian-style pastas are still the most popular in the West, Asian pastas are becoming very popular in the United States and Europe. Light and easy to digest, quick and simple to prepare, delicious and satisfying, Japanese egg-less noodles are a versatile food.

They make a filling lunch, convenient snack, or, when served with one or two side dishes, a complete dinner. In many large Japanese cities a bowl of hot noodles is often served for breakfast. Quick to prepare, they provide the perfect solution when you have unexpected guests or find yourself at mealtime with "nothing in the works."

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