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Other Japanese Condiments 
Japanese Condiments 
Mitoku Ao-Green Nori Flakes

A Japanese condiment known as "Furikake" is frequently used as tabletop sprinkles. Mitoku Traditional Nori-Miso Sprinkle is a specialty condiment that is flavorful and naturally made the slow, traditional way using no dyes or additives as commonly found in mass produced sprinkles. They are used both for their delicious nutty flavors and as an attractive and highly nutritious garnish or addition to a wide variety of dishes. Wholesome for your dining enjoyment. Sprinkle on rice, tofu, salads or use them to jazz up Japanese or American dishes alike!

Sesame, Ao-Nori or green nori flakes, and miso are the secret ingredients in this delicious and versatile Japanese condiment. Fresh and full of flavor, it is the perfect condiment for the natural foods dining table.

Mitoku Nori-Miso Sprinkle is delicious, tangy and full of savory goodness. It combines naturally with rice dishes, sushi rolls and rice balls. Use it freely, every day, for extra flavor and goodness. It offers a unique a "country-style" bold taste and is made to a traditional Japanese farmhouse recipe. This condiment is delicious sprinkled on grains, Japanese noodles, cooked veggies and adds an extra richness to miso soup.

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