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2007 Volume 1, Issue 1

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Natural Import Company Newsletter

Letter From the Top...

Dear Friends,

It is a Thanksgiving tradition at our house for everyone gathered around the table to share what they have been grateful for in the past year. This year, I am thankful for all of our loyal and discerning customers we have had over the years and blessed for the new ones who find us. If it were not for your support we could not possibly continue to represent the small farmers and producers both here in America and in Japan who work tirelessly to bring us quality foods without compromising their methods. We feel honored to represent them.
We are pleased to announce the completion of our first seasonal newsletter. My daughter, Crystal who went to school in rural Japan and has worked with me for over 15 years will provide you with special seasonal recipes, traditional remedies and Japanese beauty secrets each month. We both look forward to bringing you the latest news about our foods throughout the coming year via our eNewsletter.

After a protracted search for acceptable dried chestnuts, I am extremely happy to say that by November 30, 2007 we will be able to offer you rare certified organic chestnuts! The Bolle Family of the Pacific Northwest are the growers and hand-processors. They have been producing these pesticide-free, sustainability grown chestnuts from their small hilly orchard for more than a decade. We will be offering these chestnuts in 1/2 pound, 1 pound and 5 pound bags.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bruce S. Macdonald


P.S. Thank you for your patience in the delay in sending this month's newsletter. We had to wait for the chestnuts to dry as they were just freshly harvested last month...


History of the American Chestnut
The American Indian relied on the Chestnut as a dietary staple. The native habitat of the Chestnut extended throughout the Northern Hemisphere and is found in North America, Southern Europe, and nowadays in China, Japan, and Korea. During the colonization of America, the native chestnut was the premier tree, providing wood for railroad ties, house framing, barns, fences and fuel. In addition, the chestnut was America's major source of tannin for tanning leather. Of course, the American Chestnut also provided highly palatable nuts for eating. The American chestnut was one of the most important...Learn More
Health Benefits: Chestnuts have a remarkable nutritional composition that sets them apart from other nuts and makes them an outstanding food source, which can be a dietary staple. They contain complex carbohydrate, vitamin C, potassium, are very low in fat at about 1%, are very low in sodium and are free of gluten, oil and cholesterol. The protein is high quality, and is easily assimilated by the human body.
Crystal's Corner
Sesame Oil & Ginger Scalp Rub - This traditional technique was used by the geisha women to stimulate hair growth. It also helps...Read More
Warming Ginger Drink - Ginger is said to be an excellent remedy for the early stages of a cold since it keeps the body warm and...Read More

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Hanging Ripe Chestnuts

This Month's Feature:

Organic Dried Chestnuts


Seasonal Recipes:

Japanese Chestnut Rice

(kuri gohan)

In Japan, chestnuts are known as "Kuri." Their first appearance in local shops heralds entry into deep autumn. This popular dish is light and creamy and the perfect way to taste the true more


Autumn Chestnut & Fu Soup

A hearty soup to warm your family and friends this more


Fall Apples with Maple Chestnut Pureé

A few of my friends who grow apples said that there was an abundant harvest this season. Here is a tasty recipe to eat 'em all up while conquering that sweet more




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