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2007 Volume 1, Issue 2

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Letter From the Top...

Dear Friends,

In our "Scottish" home the holidays are just not complete without the presence of beautiful red cranberries. I still remember how my mother used to hand-string fresh cranberries and to decorate our Christmas tree.
One of only three fruits truly native to North America, the cranberry grows as a low vine-like dwarfed bush in a sandy bog. These bogs thrive in the northern wetlands accumulating acidic peat (a natural deposit of dead plant material), making these berries some of the best and healthiest in the world.
The cranberries we have selected are traditional Canadian berries and are a native heirloom North American variety, resulting in a small, deep colored and delicious berry. They have been wet-harvested by our French supplier, on their organic family farm and are then slowly dried at a very low temperature.

Unlike most dried cranberries on the market today, ours have not been juiced prior to dehydration resulting in superior taste and highly concentrated nutrients. It wasn't easy finding naturally sweetened certified organic cranberries and I am truly pleased to be able to offer them to you just in time for the holidays.
Season's Greetings!

Bruce S. Macdonald



History of the American Cranberry
Cranberries are native to North America. Long before the Mayflower pilgrims came ashore, Native Americans found many uses for "sassamanash,"as some tribes called the red berries. They were the first to recognize and use cranberries as a source of food and made plenty of pemmican (the berries are an excellent source of vitamin C), which kept well thru the long cold northern winters. Cranberries are also a source of natural dye were used medicinally and sacred ceremonies. They are reported to have introduced the cranberry to starving English settlers in Massachusetts around 1620, who incorporated the berry into the traditional Thanksgiving feast. The Pilgrims immediatelty took to these bitter little berries. American Revolutionary War veteran Henry Hall is thought to be the first to cultivate the cranberry commercially in the Cape Cod town of Dennis around 1816. The English word cranberry is the shortened version of craneberry, which came from the plant's flowers that dip down and resemble the head of a crane. Birds are also fond of cranberries which grow in the same bogs where cranes also make their home.

In Canada, cranberries are often referred to by their Amerindian name "Atoca." Cranberries are also known as bounceberries, because they literally bounce if dropped when fresh and bearberry, since bears also love them.
Health Benefits: Cranberries offer several important health benefits. Today, health researchers are producing reliable evidence that cranberries are not only a healthy low calorie fruit but they can also play a significant role in preventing urinary tract infections and reducing the risk of gum disease. In other health areas, cranberries are showing great promise in alleviating more serious aliments such as heart disease, kidney failure and cancer.

Many physicians and other health professionals now believe these is a.
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Cranberries & Icicles dangle from a frozen winter Bog

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Organic Dried Cranberries

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