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Mitoku Organic Johsen Shoyu
Japanese Traditional Soy Sauce

In the natural foods industry the name Johsen is synonymous with shoyu (soy sauce made with wheat). In 1988, Johsen shoyu received the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture's first place award for the highest quality soy sauce in Japan. It was selected from over 2,000 entries by a panel of the world's foremost shoyu experts.

Mitoku Yuuki-Grown Sakurazawa Shoyu
Japanese Light Soy Sauce

This extraordinary soy sauce is made exclusively for the Ohsawa Japan Company. Uncompromising when it comes to quality, Ohsawa's brew master uses the finest ingredients: special washed Oshima Island "umi no sei" sea salt, "yuuki" soybeans and wheat ecologically grown by farmers with a deep commitment to sustainable agriculture. Each step of the traditional process is carefully performed by hand. In honor of George Ohsawa, we are using his Japanese family name, "Sakurazawa" as the brand-name of this exceptional soy sauce. Aged 24 months.

Mitoku "Ponzu" Yuzu-Shoyu Seasoning
Japanese Citron Soy Sauce

Mitoku yuuki-grown Yuzu "Ponzu" (a Japanese Citrus-Shoyu) Sauce is a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and savory flavors that has long been a favorite Japanese table seasoning.

    Name Product Id Price Quantity
    Mitoku OG Kanazawa Shoyu - 5 oz. 89275   $1.93  
    Mitoku OG Kanazawa Shoyu - 10 oz. 89276   $3.07  
    Mitoku OG Kanazawa Shoyu - 32 oz. 89277= Out-of-Stock   $8.69  
    Mitoku OG Kanazawa Shoyu - 1 Gallon 89278 = Out-of-Stock   $24.99  
    Mitoku Yuzu Ponzu Sauce - 5 oz. 89304   $4.95  
    Mitoku Yuzu Ponzu Sauce - 10 oz. 89305   $9.29  
    Mitoku Yuzu Ponzu Sauce - 32 oz. 89306   $28.89  
    Glass Shoyu Dispenser-5 oz. 88479   $7.99  
    Insert For 5oz. & 10 Oz. 9009   $0.05  

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