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Japanese Traditional Sea Vegetables

In Japan, seaweeds have long been a staple food. For centuries they have been enjoyed for their delicious tastes, their versatility in cooking, and for their natural goodness. They are now recognized as a vital part of natural food diets worldwide. Nowadays, sun-dried seaweeds are being replaced with cheaper imitations that are being cultivated in highly industrious areas of China from unsafe and highly polluted waters. All of our seaweeds are hand-harvested off the cold, clear coast of Japan. They are naturally sun-dried and no chemicals, dyes, seeding or incubation are used during production. Due to the sun drying process of our unique seaweeds they retain as well as gain a higher percent of their vitamins and minerals than modern processed seaweeds. Enjoy their exceptional quality and flavor...they are well worth their slightly higher cost.

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