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Japanese Pickled Vegetables

The ability to preserve food and its nutritional value has always been of prime importance. It is not surprising, then, that various imaginative and effective ways of food storage have evolved. Japan has developed one form-pickling-to its fullest. Using many methods, such as pickling with bran, salt, vinegar, miso, shoyu, and sake lees (the solid residue left after pressing sake), the Japanese pickle almost everything: roots, shoots, flowers, seeds, fruit, fish, and meat.

A visit to the pickle section of a modern Tokyo supermarket is a sensual extravaganza of diverse colors, textures, and exotic smells. Over the centuries pickles have become an indispensable part of traditional Japanese cuisine, and in many respects they symbolize the conservative yet creative nature of this ancient culture.

      Name Product Id Price Quantity
      Mitoku Sushi Ginger - 1.76 oz. 88353   $2.49  
      Mitoku Sushi Ginger - 35 oz. 88360   $18.29  
      Mitoku Sushi Cucumber - 1.76 oz. 88357   $2.65  
      Mitoku Sushi Daikon - 1.76 oz. 88358 =Out-of-Stock, Until 10/20   $2.44  
      Mitoku Takuan Pickles - 7 oz. 88359   $5.49  
      Mitoku Pickled Shiso Leaves - 2.8 oz. 88372   $4.45  
      Veggie/Pickle Press - 2 Liter 88496   $42.09  
      Veggie/Pickle Press - 3 Liter 88484   $43.49  
      Veggie/Pickle Press - 4 Liter 88485   $48.45  
      Masu 100% Sea Water Salt - 1 lb. Bag 99001   $14.09  
      Masu 100% Sea Water Salt - 5 lb. Bag 99002   $69.99  

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