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Mitoku Japanese Traditional Mochi
Japanese Pounded Rice Cakes

The hearty flavor and unique, chewy texture of Mochi have long made it a natural favorite in Japan. It is made from cooked, hot sweet rice that has been pounded into chewy cakes. Mochi takes enormous energy to make and it has the reputation for being an invigorating food. Our producer, Kojima-san has worked with rice all his life. A true master, he starts by carefully selecting sweet brown rice grown by farmers committed to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Next, he artfully blends kitchen craft with modern methods to produce the true taste and texture of traditional mochi.

Mitoku "Yuuki" Instant Dinners
Japanese Brown Rice Meals

The famous Kojima Mochi Co. makes these Instant "yuuki" Brown Rice Dinners using premium yuuki-grown ingredients. Both are ready in just minutes, just heat and eat straight from the tray. A delicious macrobiotic meal in minutes!

      Name Product Id Price Quantity
      Mitoku Brown Rice Mochi - 8.8 oz. 88215   $7.29  
      Mitoku Yuuki Brown Rice Mochi - 8.8 oz. 88214   $7.69  
      Mitoku Mugwort Mochi - 8.8 oz. 88219 =No Longer Available   $8.09  
      Mitoku Yuuki Mugwort Mochi - 10.5 oz. 88218   $9.59  
      Mitoku Yuuki Millet Mochi - 10.5 oz. 88216   $8.59  
      Mitoku Azuki Rice Dinner - 5.6 oz. 88212   $4.63  
      Mitoku Veggie Rice Dinner - 5.6 oz. 88213   $4.78  

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