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Japanese Traditional Crackers

Japanese Senbei or Crackers are a unique wheat-free treat. Baked the old-fashioned way in small batches, the Japanese are famous for their delicious crackers whose distinctive taste is due to unique seasonings such as natural soy sauce and traditional rice malt. They contain no leavening, no sweeteners, and absolutely no preservatives of any kind. Enjoy them right out of the bag, or try them with spreads, dips, soups and salads.

      Name Product Id Price Quantity
      Mitoku Black Sesame Crackers - 2.1 oz. 88458   $2.95  
      Mitoku Brown Sesame Crackers - 2.1 oz. 88461   $2.95  
      Mitoku Sea Vegetable Crackers - 2.1 oz. 88459   $2.95  
      Mitoku Quinoa Crackers - 2.1 oz. 88460   $3.49  
      Mitoku Wafers-No Salt-2.6 oz. 88893   $3.45  
      Mitoku Wafers-Tamari-2.6 oz. 88891   $3.45  

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