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 Recipes for Arame 
Japanese Sun-Dried Seaweed

An abundance of marine life flourishes in the pure waters along central Japan's rocky Pacific coast. Prized as a specialty of the region, Ise Arame grows wild in deep tidal pools at the ocean's edge. Over a thousand years ago, Arame was collected and used as a sacred offering at the famous Ise shrine. To this day, Ise Wild Arame is harvested in the same way. In late summer, local fishermen wade out to gather the young, tender plants at low tide, or dive into shallow water to cut the Arame from its hold-fasts. The wide leaves are finely shredded and cooked down in their own juices, then naturally sun-dried.

With its sweet, mild flavor, Arame is an excellent choice for introducing sea vegetables into your daily diet. Its rich black color adds vivid contrast and beauty to any meal. Mitoku Ise Arame contributes an exotic flair to salads and is delicious when sautéed with carrots and onions, or sautéed with dried tofu.

Uses: Miso Soup or other soup stocks, sauces, noodle broth, salads, or cook with vegetables or beans.

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