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Other Rice Mochi 
Wild Mugwort Mochi 

Mochi, a delicious whole grain food, is made from a glutinous, high-protein variety of rice called sweet rice. The sweet rice is soaked, steamed, and pounded; then it is allowed to dry until it is firm enough to slice.

Mitoku Wild Mugwort is a mochi with a deliciously refreshing, earthy taste. Mugwort is traditionally pounded with sweet brown rice to make this unique forest-green mochi. Fresh mugwort is still gathered wild in central Japan at the side of rice fields or streams and then allowed to dry. By late summer, the mugwort leaves have become very fragrant and are then ground into powder. Gently pan-fry, covered, until soft, then wrap in Mitoku Sushi Nori and dip in a tamari-ginger dip. Or bake, dice, and add to your favorite soup.
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