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Onozaki Organic Barley Miso
Japanese Soybean Paste

Made completely by hand using the finest organic whole soybeans, cultured organic barley, pure water and sea salt, Onozaki Barley Miso is aged in huge cedar kegs at natural temperatures for two years. Unpasteurized. Aged 24 Months.

Sakurazawa Yuuki Barley Miso
Japanese Soybean Paste

Sakurazawa Miso is produced using the finest yuuki grown soybeans and Japanese barley (mugi) harvested from local farms. Aged naturally in cedar kegs. Unpasteurized. Aged 18-24 months.

Marukura Organic Barley Miso
Japanese Soybean Paste

Marukura Barley Miso is a long time favorite for many people. Its deep, rich, and versatile quality make it an incredibly delicious and coveted miso. Aged about 20 Months.

Johsen Organic Barley Miso
Japanese Soybean Paste

Johsen Barley Miso is a new addition to our miso line. Johsen, the famous shoyu (soy sauce) producer was asked to make a special waka-mugi (young-barley) miso for the American taste. Since most of us love our miso slightly sweet, yet deep with flavor, this is the perfect choice.

Name Product Id Price Quantity
Mitoku Onozaki Barley Miso - 8 oz. 89023   $5.39  
Mitoku Onozaki Barley Miso - 16 oz. 89024   $9.79  
Mitoku Onozaki Barley Miso - 4 lb. 89025   $33.89  
Mitoku Onozaki Barley Miso - 11 lb. 89022   $86.79  
Mitoku Onozaki Barley Miso - 61.7 lb. 88027   $484.49  
Marukura Barley Miso - 8.8 oz. pouch 88070   $4.65  
Marukura Barley Miso - 2.2 lb. pouch 88073   $14.25  
Mitoku Johsen Barley Miso - 16 oz. 89005   $9.69  
Mitoku Johsen Barley Miso - 4 lb. 89006   $31.49  
Mitoku Johsen Barley Miso - 11 lb. 89048   $75.19  

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